The Jewish stories that need to be told.

We provide walking tours, food experiences, education and connection within the frame of Jewish history of Catalonia.

Whether it is the enchanting tour of The Gothic Quarter: A walk with Moshe Natan, The Centenary, or sharing a delicious meal with the Food Experience, we will guide you through the stories of real people who made these streets come alive.

We present different chapters of the story of the Catalan Jews, inviting visitors to come into an intimate contact with those who lived.

Gothic Tour, a walk with Moshe Natan

Discover the history of the Catalan Jews during the middle ages up until the riots of 1391, which marks the beginning of the end for the Jews of Barcelona. Explore the Aljama, Jewish life, local poets and social relationships. You’ll meet Moshe Natan, Massot Avengena, Rabbi Solomon Adret, Nahmanides and more, in the enchanting streets of the Gothic Quarter. It was the jewish neighbourhood- the call

  • 2 hour walking tour through Barcelona’s beautiful Gothic Quarter
  • Insight into the Catalan Jews between 1000-1492 AD
  • Poetry
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The Centenary Tour

Through two wars, you’ll glimpse the elegance of Barcelona’s finest Modernist architecture, discover unsung heros, and learn about the establishment of Spain’s first Jewish community after the expulsion. We’ll encounter refugees fleeing over the Pyrenees, a Jewish Spy, a Russian doctor and the founder of Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona.

  • 2 hour walking tour in the stunning Eixample of Barcelona.
  • Insight into how the Jewish community was built after the expulsion.
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Toldot Barcelona Food Experience

Food brings connection. The Toldot Barcelona food experience is an opportunity to hear the stories of locals, and share your own. Share a table, share your story, and dine in one of Barcelona’s best kept Jewish secrets- Casa Adret.

  • An intimate dining experience with a story!
  • 3 course meal (vegetarian friendly)
  • Catalan wine
  • Dinner and stories with a local chef
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Toldot Barcelona