Food brings connection. The Toldot Barcelona Food Experience is an opportunity to hear the stories of locals, and share your own. Share a table, share your story, and dine in amongst history.

The Toldot Food Experience is a Jewish culinary feast where Middle East meets West, Sepharad and Ashkenaz, with a touch of México and Australia, and the stories that go behind it.

In the heart of Barcelona’s old Jewish Quarter, this enchanting Experience intertwines the incredible space of Casa Adret, the stories of  it’s once neighbours, together with family recipes and histories. Entering it´s walls, and dining in its space, is a shortcut to the Middle Ages, truly a rare and special opportunity.

Meet Monica and Eva. Coming from very different backgrounds, and corners of the globe, their journey has intertwined through food. Their vision is to bring food, histories and heritage, different chronicles, to the table.

Monica, from Mexico City, was raised in a Syrian Jewish family, intertwines her family tradition with a Mexican style. Eva, from Melbourne Australia, with Askenazi Polish heritage and Irish roots, and is searching for the memory behind the food. Between the two, they are exploring gastronmic traditions and, over rolling a few dolmatis, discuss the question.. What is Jewish Food?

Food has always been part their lives, where the oldest and greatest moments have been in the kitchen, or around a table. Inspired by the way their mothers and grandmothers served food: abundantly and with love, they believe that worlds can come closer by eating at the same table, sharing histories, and sharing flavours. 

The Festival Table

The word festival has been used because that´s what we offer, a festival for your eyes, your plate and certainly, for your mouth. We are inspired by the way the mothers and grandmothers of our lives have served us food: abundantly and with love. This full gastronomic experience crosses worlds and will leave you. This meal combines full plates, mixing stories of east meets west. You will learn more about Casa Adret, it’s medieval neighbours, and enjoy food, with a story.

  • An intimate dining experience in one of Barcelona’s oldest buildings!
  • Jewish culinary festival! East meets West.
  • Local wine and dessert
  • Insight in the history of Casa Adret and its Medieval neighbours.
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Vermut on the Terrace

It’s rare to enjoy a  private balcony in the heart of the Call.. Join us for Vermut Hour, situated on the rooftop terrace of Casa Adret. Veiws of Barcelona Cathedral’s spires are youR backdrop as you enjoy hear and share stories of this incredible history.

  • Local vermut
  • Light snacks
  • Tour of Casa Adret and insight into the History of the Call
  • Unique rooftop terrace
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Brunch with history.

We all know that lunch can be a little late here.. The Toldot Brunch experience combines the best of both worlds- pica pica with small plates, and stories that go with it. Casual eating in one of Barcelona’s most unique spaces. A perfect way to end a morning tour of the Call.

  • Dips, small bites and plates, salty and sweet.
  • Local wine, vermut
  • Enjoy Casa Adret’s space, and learn its history!

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Looking for a private event?

Looking for an incredible space for a unique event? Whether you are local or visiting, we can provide intimate experience catered to your needs.

  • Complete dining experience for up to 25 people

  • Pica pica (small bites) and drinks for small and large groups
  • Combination of tour and food experience for the ultimate immersion
  • Private concert
  • Conference space with refreshments (coffee and cake)
  • All events include private tour of Casa Adret and insight into the history of the house and its neighbourhood
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