The tour pretends to rescue  the history of the first years of the CIB, Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona, from its foundation, at  the end of 1918, until the inauguration of the new headquarters at 44 Avenir Street, in the year 1954.

The itinerary will follow the footsteps of several protagonists. Edmundo Metzger, a Swiss immigrant living in Barcelona since the beginning of the twentieth century, proclaimed first   president; Samson Sobol, Russian translator and bookseller from Magilov, one of the seventeen founders; the Salpati family, Turkish immigrants  from the south of France; Enrique Talarewitz, turkish immigrant, first secretary; Joseph Barchilon a Jew from Tánger, another of the founders; Manuel Mendelsohn, polish immigrant; Steinlauf family. immigrants from Chelmiec, Poland; Edmundo Grünebaum, president of the CIB during the Civil War who got retaliation; Ronya Abraham, Jewish refugee from Letonia; Dora Poch, young Pollish refugee; Samuel Maytek, polish industrial, and part of the administration of the CIB during the forties, etc.

The visitor will live in his own skin the beginnings os the first Jewish community established in Spain after the expulsión in 1492 having as scenery the convulsive Barcelona from the the first half  of the twentieth cenury.